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Building a 3-Story Rental Property (Pros & Cons) construction process market research new build new construction rental properties Sep 30, 2021

Depending on the local market and your development's density needs, a 3-story rental unit might make a whole lot of sense. Steve, Chase, and Sherida discuss their experiences building 3-story...

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The Best Rental Property Floor Plans - EP06 build-to-rent clubhouse construction process floor plans multifamily new build new construction Sep 28, 2021

Time to talk floor plans! LVT or carpet. Smart home or no smart home. Garage or outdoor parking... Steve, Chase, and Sherida sit down again, this time to discuss the pros and cons of different...

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Best/Worst Markets for Build-to-Rent build-to-rent market research market updates multifamily new build new construction Aug 30, 2021

Best/Worst Markets for Build-to-Rent Investing

We have time to get into another question. What markets should you consider for build-to-rent? Is there a right answer?

Chase Leavitt
There's a lot of...

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Maintenance on New Construction vs Existing Properties build-to-rent income & expenses maintenance market research new build new construction Aug 25, 2021

Build-to-Rent vs Existing Real Estate

Sherida Zenger
Obviously, you don't know what you're getting yourself into an existing property, right. So you may have a bunch of repairs that you're not quite...

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