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Investing w/ Acquisition & Development Capital (A&D Loans) acquisition & development capital financing a project Oct 16, 2021

What is acquisition and development money? A&D capital is a specific kind of loan that can be used to your advantage when investing in the build-to-rent space. Let's talk about it in more...

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Are Local Cities Delaying Build-to-Rent Projects? acquiring deals acquisition & development build-to-rent market research market updates multifamily Oct 08, 2021

So what's it like working with local government when you're looking to build a rental property? And in what ways can you expect them to slow down the process before you're able to get your project...

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How Buying Land Has Changed (Before/After Covid-19) acquiring deals acquisition & development buying land land Oct 07, 2021

In a lot of ways, buying land for build-to-rent projects has become a lot more difficult over the last couple of years. This video dives into the topic of new construction investing and what/why...

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