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Best Ways to Estimate Rental Income (Pre-Construction) build-to-rent market research rental income rental trends Nov 16, 2021

Topics Discussed:

  • Tools available to project rents.
  • Evaluating comparable properties and rental listings.
  • What additional "upsells" will be included on top of rents?
  • What to do if there are no...
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Know Your Exit Strategy BEFORE You Build a Rental Property exit strategies market research multifamily financing rental properties rental trends Nov 10, 2021

The kind of property that you build might choose your exit strategy for you. I would favor constructing properties that give you multiple off-ramps, right? 

Lots of different ways that you...

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Remote Work & the Local Economy - EP05 build-to-rent economy real estate investing real estate market remote work rental properties rental trends rentors Sep 21, 2021

In this episode, Steve, Chase, and Sherida discuss what the growing trend of remote work means for analyzing a real estate market...

"We've got some good information for you here today. With the...

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Deciding on Amenities in a Multifamily Development - EP03 amenities build-to-rent clubhouse landlords multifamily property owners rental trends Sep 07, 2021

"There are other projects around us that have more amenities than us, and some that have less. So a tenant may be looking at that as well saying, I want this amenity or I don't want this...

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