Airbnb Exit Strategies (Property Investing)

airbnb eviction moratorium exit strategies rental income rental property Nov 08, 2021

Steve Olson:

If somebody is going to build their own rental property, something that I'm seeing as being more and more popular as they build a brand-new Airbnb. You're seeing a lot more of that. And I don't think that we've seen even close to what we're going to see, but if it were you, what would you be thinking about in terms of an exit? How long do you want to be in... How you're going to sell... What's on your mind there?

Chase Leavitt:

When I think of an exit strategy, I think of the first thing that comes to mind and it can vary depending on the investor to investor and who that person is in, in what their goals are, and what they're trying to accomplish. 

Are they looking to exit and sell and collect? Their income or they're their profit in that property. Do they want to put in something else where they can have more doors or are they just looking to collect their capital where they can maybe build their dream home? There's just a lot of different ways. 

We can spend this depending on that person, depending on what their goals are and what they're looking to accomplish.

Sherida Zenger:

I think that's a key thing too. What is your end game? Right? What are you trying to do, how much passive income do you want? What, what is that goal at the end? And then let's walk it back a little bit, but I think as far as, you know, an Airbnb and exit strategy, obviously you're going to want something that is, if you're building it yourself, it's new. 

And maybe you have an idea that, Hey, at 10 years, I want to flip out of this. I don't, I want to get into something new or in a different phase of maybe the same project. I don't know. I mean, some people will want to flip out a little bit quicker than that.

Chase Leavitt:

But when it comes to exit strategy and when you sell property, at least for me, when I sell property, if I'm going to sell a good asset or something, that's performing cash flowing, great cap rate, I'm going to sell it and put it into something that is hopefully better. 

You don't want to sell that and go to something worse. I'm always looking for opportunities and deals.

Sherida Zenger:

Yes, and maybe your strategy is to hold onto this right now and then just wait for the next opportunity to present itself.

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