Building a Park in a Multifamily Development

amenities managed communities market research value add Sep 10, 2021

I think there's another project up the road from that one that has been a really good success story on amenities and that's Easton Park in American Fork, Utah.

Number one, when that was planned, pickleball was kind of a thing. And you look at years later and on what that's been. That five or six pickleball courts and people are using them all of the time. It's been a huge, huge draw.

Chase Leavitt

And then there's like a seven-acre park right in the middle of it.

Sherida Zenger

The nice thing with that one, though, is that park is maintained by the city.

Chase Leavitt

Exactly. So a nice green space was maintained, a couple of nice little zip lines for the kid's park area.

Steve Olson

That project turned out really nice. And that park was genius. And I don't know if it was intentional or what, but yeah, the situation there is, in order to get the development approved, the city wanted a park, we've got to build it and pay for it. But when it's done, we turn it over to them. So it's a huge draw.

But it's not coming out of the HOA budget, it's a city budget, and they have to take care of it and, and maintain it. But it's literally in the middle of our project. We've got this kind of stacked-flat style unit. All along the park, people go out the front door. And there it is.

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