Leveraging Investment Properties To Pay Less Taxes

apartment investing real estate investing real estate taxes taxes Nov 15, 2021

I get 10 emails a day of "hey, buy this CVS, buy this carwash."

And it's a mediocre cap rate.

But if you're looking at a tax bill of $700,000, would you buy that car wash to make $1200 positive cash flow a month and not pay $700,000 in taxes? Absolutely.

Sherida Zenger:

Why wouldn't you? Would you rather pay Uncle Sam or would you rather have yourself having an income-producing property and be able to write those taxes off? 

Chase Leavitt:

And that's how I feel about that duplex I invested in. I don't feel like it's the best cap rate or cash flow, but to be able to get some income for the next three to four to six, eight months instead of sitting with the accommodator. It makes sense.

Steve Olson:

And it can only sit with the accommodator for so long.

Sherida Zenger:

I think the big thing too, was him being able to reset his clock. Being able to reset that 1031 exchange clock, you only have 45 days to identify after you close on the departure property and then you have 180 days to close on that loan. So there is a tight window there.

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